Far from Heaven (2002) IMDB 7.40(27 342) Full Movie Download

10. Feb, 2013

original title: Far from Heaven
rating: 7.40(27 342)
The U.S.
drama, romance
Director: Todd Heyns. starring: Julianne Moore, Dennis Quaid, Dennis Heysbert, Patrishiya Clarkson, viola Davis, …
running time: 107
release date: 2002


1957 year. The wife of a successful businessman, Cathy, and finds her husband Frank in unambiguous situation: the husband betrayed her with a man. Katie also gives free rein to our senses and moving closer to the black gardener Raymond. However, the small provincial town in which they live, considers this novel is more of a problem than the non-traditional sexual orientation Frank…

Review: Being away from the ‘ 50′s, we approached The film was walking slowly. I’m even tired of waiting the moment when the main character finds her husband in the arms of men, or myself will be in the arms of black gardener.
It is impossible to evaluate the manner of shooting the film, where the

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